2013 to 2015

Lighthouse Hired Iguana Services Inc to Manage its Columbia South (COSO) portfolio of 40 and additional Columbus portfolio of 20 Buildings. Goal was to do Major capital improvement, Destabilize Rent control and rent stabilized Units (buy outs), Completely gut renovate these apartments, Replace Central Heat System with Individual Heating Units, replace old Marine oil burning boilers with modern, multistage, High efficiency Boilers, to reduce environmental impact. Replace old Enervators and system with modern elevator, Upgrade Electrical, Upgrade Water, Replace Sewer and Bring New Gas lines in to the building. Given Time frame – 5 years. Iguana reached objectives 100% in 1 year and 4 months. After the work was completed Lighthouse apartments requested property management services from Iguana, to make sure all the tenants where satisfied, all new equipment is working properly and make sure properties are set up to maximize profits, while maintaining the highest levels of efficiency, Hire and train Building Supers and other maintenance personnel, Clear all HPD, ECB and DOB violations from the system. It took additional 4 months.

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